We are a team focused on

Virtual Reality content development technology.

Ultimately, we engineered these ideas

We are passionate about them

We are working on them

Soul Calc team has core members covering varies aspect of projects, hence we have diversified thus unique and well-rounded designs and are able to put them into action. Our mission is to let everyone be able to walk into them dreams and imaginations, with or without Virtual Reality.

Often we think: it is a rapid growing world, in which technology had taken a major part in. However, it is the images and wonders in people’s dream that enabled all these. Therefore we want to lessen the technical difficulty for all people who would like to pursue their wish, to make that fiction true.

Dream Projector

Our under-development content-aware VR environment generator that enables user to create virtual world with minimal operation without any professional skill or experience requirement. It is our team’s main focus and fundamental to all of our applications.

Infinite Cube

A VR experience center design based on our Dream Projector that will be the landing zone of our core algorithm.

The Mirrored-Earth Project

The Mirrored-Earth project had been in our plan since day 1 of Soul Calc. The team is preparing for launching it as an open project that gathering scanned or crafted 3D model(digital) so that they serve an archive of the world, history and contemporary, in a virtual reality world that carries into the future.

This is Soul Calc

Our team works wonders


Founder, Project Director

Matthew CHENG

Project Developer

Olivia LIU

Content Artist

Simon SHE

Co-founder, Financial Director

Shawn CHEN

Hardware Architect


Interaction Designer

We see VR as the major innovation in this decade

Virtual Reality technology has been in human history and people’s dream for many decades. Appeared in multiple movie titles, video games, etc. Yet it is only now that the majority of the population could afford one of such device.

Nevertheless, that is the key for the entire world to advance.

So what can we do?

With limited VR content currently in the market and many developers standing aside waiting for a clearer direction in this field, Soul Calc team decided to take a step forward and be one of the pioneers.

We are developing the tools that  swiftly and conveniently generates content users want to see; the content that allows everyone to experience the otherwise impossible world; the world that follows the creators’ dream.

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